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Being Content isn't Conditional

Counseling is a tool to change your perspective

one person's perspective

by Jordan Craig

April 18, 2024

It must get easier, right? 

Life will be better when I make enough money.

I will focus on that when life slows down.

Don’t get me wrong, having goals is integral to being successful and competent today, but why do we have to wait to be happy? Why is happiness and being content conditional? 

Generally speaking, people are really good at looking to the future and identifying what they want to be different, whether that be financially, relationships, or in their career, but people are less ready to identify what is great about their life right now. The act of chasing and wanting more is great, but what happens when you get there? 

Will you notice, or will the chase turn into something else entirely? 

Typically, people chase this snapshot moment where everything is perfect, and the moment becomes so important that they abandon the present in pursuit of it. But that’s all it is. A moment. 

What would happen if you could enjoy the ride there and find gratitude in the present? 

A large part of what can be accomplished in the counseling relationship is learning how to manage stress, finding new perspectives, becoming more mindful, and learning skills to be more successful in work and life. Utilizing counseling as a tool can actively promote the chase while also finding space for appreciating where you are now in your journey. 

You don’t have to suffer or place conditions on happiness. The reality is that there are many benefits to showing grace and appreciation for where you are now. There is less pressure, better work/life balance, more fulfilled relationships, and a better understanding of what you value and want out of life. If some of these things are satisfied, wouldn’t it be easier to accomplish your goals? 

Counseling is about getting to know yourself and improving the conditions as you see fit. Integrating counseling into your routine can ultimately improve your quality of life and help you bring your goals into reality.  

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