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Mental Health and Medication

Updated: May 19

by Reverence Staff

December 6, 2023

In my day-to-day practice as a therapist, I find that there exists a wide range of opinions about medication in mental health care.  Medication in mental health treatment holds about as much stigma as mental health therapy, and as a clinician in the field, I find myself compelled to open up a dialog about this topic.

Now to be clear, I am most certainly not a medical professional, and am not able to prescribe such medication, however I appreciate the opportunity to have conversations with clients about the role that medication can play in their treatment how it may bring them greater peace and explore any worry they may have about considering taking this step.

I find that client opinions about these types of medications run the gamut from thinking, “medication will solve all my problems,” to the belief that, “medication is a crutch or a sign of weakness,” while many find themselves somewhere in the middle and find themselves curious, or uncertain about how medication works to improve one’s mental health.

For some, medication feels like a way to avoid finding solutions to problems that are at the heart of their suffering, while for others, medication is one of many tools in their arsenal that brings them a sense of balance and contentment.  These medications provide support for many by, “correcting, or helping to correct, underlying biological abnormalities that produce particular psychiatric symptoms.”

My hope is that by answering questions and creating safe spaces for these conversations, that you may have greater clarity and confidence about approaching your medical provider if you are curious about it mental health medications by be helpful on your wellness journal.  More than that, I hope that shame or fear is never the obstacle that keeps your from creating a life worth living!

Source: Moncrieff, J., & Cohen, D. (2009, May 29). How do psychiatric drugs work? BMJ (Clinical research ed.). Retrieved March 29, 2023, from

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